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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Right on Time...?

Right On Time

So todays OB Appointment went great. We met a cool Physician's Assistant and she gave us a Non-Stress Test to check up on the baby's health. This test happens when you have gone past your due date but the docs aren't ready to induce you yet and besides after one week late, there's still a damn good chance you can give birth without the need of the induction.

So I lay back and am hooked up to a machine with two round blue monitors and wires leading back to be read. One of the monitors checks the baby's heart rate, the other checks for contractions. I am also given a little hand buzzer (like in a gameshow) to press each time that the baby moves. They are looking to see that just like a heartrate goes up when a person exercises, the baby's should go up when he moves.

The information that is displayed similar to an EKG with waves and peaks. After the test is completed, she explains that the baby is doing great. But she also asks if I feel "that."

I am unsure what she means so I respond, "what the baby?... yeah I feel him moving."

"No, looks like you're having some contractions," she says.

"I don't feel anything," I answer. But now, I am more excited than ever. Contractions! I am having contractions... and so far, they are painless! What luck!

Then as she checks some other information including that we are doing very well and that the will monitor the baby again next week since he is still "late." I mention that last week we realized that our due date had changed a few times. I ask if that means the baby is still considered "late." She looks through the computer and checks into it.

Apparently, the OB that I was going to prior to changing doctors sent over all my records, but neglected to send any of my previous ultrasounds...and these ultrasounds showed a different due date. After getting a fax from the office, we found that the discrepancy actually made us right on time!

According to our original due date, we're still 39 weeks and 6 days. The baby is actually due tomorrow!

Our excitement is overwhelming. And on top of it, now I think I feel some cramps!

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for you! You'll make a great mom.